a really exciting family update :)

Ok, I have to tell you that I’m SUPER excited for some WAY COOL STUFF!!!!  Tomorrow, my husband, kids & myself, along with a really cool team are leaving for Cambodia to do some amazing work & ministry for a week there!!!  I’m excited on so many levels, it’s almost indescribable!  First, its TOTALLY GREAT to get to travel & minister with my family – so pumped for this!!!!!!  Second, I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED because I get to visit our very first operational nightcare program that 100% up and running.  This has me way beyond giddy because I’ve been working on this project for almost 2 years to get it up & running – words can’t begin to describe how PUMPED I am for nightcare to be operational.  Nightcare is an outreach of saving moses & it’s how we take care of the infants of prostitutes while they work.  Furthermore, I’m TOTALLY EXCITED because I have so many people that I deeply love in Cambodia – the people in this country for me has thoroughly captured my heart & whenever I get to go, it’s like I’m having a family reunion 🙂

So friends, please watch my blog, facebook & twitter to keep up with our travels, adventures, discoveries & experience with us, some of the AMAZING ways that God expresses genuine love to & through us!!

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