A Helpful Reminder :)

Here are some super quickie thoughts on forgiveness –

Forgiveness does not:
*require an apology to be legitimate
*require a verbal expression to the person who offended / hurt you (you can forgive someone without telling them)
*happen only once
*give us permission to “side swipe” or retaliate w vengeance the person who has hurt us after we’ve forgiven them

Forgives is / does:
*require constant maintenance (we must keep our forgiveness fresh)
*improve w practice
*beneficial to the person who is forgiving more than the person who rec’vs forgiveness
*work & dedication

Let’s be sure to encourage each other to be good “forgivers” & let’s make it easy for others to forgive us 🙂


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One thought on “A Helpful Reminder :)

  1. I agree with you 100%. It is silly to hold on to things from the past and so many offensive things stems from insecurities/miscommunications anyways and hardly has to do with the person being offended.

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