Some cool little people in cambodia

One of my favorite countries in the world is Cambodia because of their wholly magnificent people. I first started coming go Cambodia about 5 years ago & I’m hooked – so from time to time, I have to get my Cambodia fix. This afternoon, a friend took me to visit a slum & I had the great privilege of capturing some pix of some really excellent little people. Enjoy these great pix & I’ll be following up w some videos & updates on many of the great things that God is doing here!






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  1. Dear Sarah,

    You are a special person (you already know that :)) and I am glad I met you. The Cape First Tea Party in Cape Girardeau. MO. I sat at your table. I have had the honor of meeting your mother as well and wear the Star of David necklace everyday. I purchased it on her visit to Cape First. You, your mother and your ministry have been weighing heavy on me. I would love the opportunity to talk with you. I have included my email below. Much love and Many Many Blessing.

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