Is God a Vending Machine?

This sounds like a rhetorical question to which we automatically reply, “No!” But if we look at our actions & how we treat God, maybe we treat God like a vending machine: please answer my prayers, make my life comfy, give me the money & significance that I want, fix everything & I’ll pay You for Your services with possibly church attendance, tithing or at least a tip for good service – OUCH!!
This morning I read Jer 7:27 & God told Jeremiah to speak to the Israelites even though they wouldn’t listen. So here’s something to consider: do we obey God for the results or from being faithful to our relationship? Let’s not treat God like a vending machine :)

time management

:(  Sometimes I’m not good at managing time & you’d think that after more than 40 years of living that I’d be more proficient with using my time.  Alas, my achilles heel with time is people and maybe in the grand scheme of things, perhaps this isn’t all bad.

In our fast paced world, acheiving, results & productivity can easily become idols and often at the expense of deep & meaningful relationships.  While I most certainly appreciate that deadlines and achievements are super important, valuable and even necessary, at the end of the day, Jesus came for people so maybe it’s not all bad to love well and even inefficiently, which sometimes means being a little shady on the time management front ,)

A Stranger in the Mist

Several years ago there was a sitcom called “Cheers” & the theme song was all about, “where everybody knows your name.” We all have places & communities where we fit, belong & feel entirely smoothy groovy. On occasion, however, there are some times when we like to be anonymous & unknown. But being a stranger can sometimes be a place where we are forced to lean into God & not rest in what’s familiar, known & cozy – hazy, foggy & unknown. Resting & leaning into God, can sometimes be kind of tricky, but the trust space is frequently where we grow the most.
Let’s be mindful that we put ourselves in places & situations that push the envelope in helping us to attach more & more to God!

a really good read :)

Happy Wed my friends!  I recently read a book by a friend, Margaret Feinberg, Fight Back with Joy and it’s super worth reading!  Margaret was in the midst of finalizing a book she was writing on joy, when she was diagnosed with cancer, which caused her to start over & write this newly released book.   Fight Back with Joy is gritty, insightful, inspiring, thoughtful and engaging.  It has awesome and practical wisdom to deal with hardship, unexpected tragedies, mourning, grief and joy.  Margaret is an extremely accomplished and celebrated author & I know that you’d enjoy her new book immensely!  Grab a few copies & bring it to your next book club / Bible study!!  #fightbackwithjoy


Managing Surprises

Today has been one of those very crazy & pretty hectic days with some surprises that caught me off guard. Generally, I like surprises & I think it’s fun to have new adventuress & experiences but today was a little tricky. When some things popped up that weren’t so whippy, I found myself getting kind of cranky & reactive – no bueno.
So rather than give free expression to the cranky & reactive feelings, I made a quick prayer & check in with God, “Please HELP!!!”
While I didn’t necessarily see the clouds disappear & suddenly experience a heavenly vision, I did, nevertheless, have a stronger sense of peace & strength so I didn’t rip off somebody’s head, metaphorically.
So all things being considered, I’m really thankful that God is so readily available to help with even the seemingly small stuff in our daily living :)

Hot Topic: I have a dream!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!  In the US, today is a national holiday to honor Dr Martin Luther King Jr, a great leader in the Civil Rights Movement who was tragically assasinated in the prime of his life.  He’s famous for lots of things, but one of the things I love most about what we know of Dr King today is his “I Have a Dream” speech.

Despite facing atrocious, violent & barbaric opposition, Dr King persevered and overcame racial hatred, not with escalated violence, barbaric behavior & atrocious activism, but rather through exposing hatred, acrimony and injustice by contrasting behaviors and examples.  I think in each of us, God has placed a dream for something far greater and more powerful than our current living.  The dream that God has put in each of us is the beginning of something thoroughly divine, powerful and revolutionary.  If you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible – full stop.

Inward Parts

This morning I had some kind of medical thing to look into my shoulder that I dislocated a few weeks ago. It’s really amazing what modern medicine can do – totally incredible! As I was getting my mind ready for this new experience, I remembered Ps 51:6, “You desire truth in the innermost being & in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom”
Very smart doctors get to look into the deep parts of my shoulder to see what’s happening in there. In an interesting viewpoint, God knows the absolute truth about who we are deep on the inside & helps us to walk out these truths rather than live in brokenness :)
Happy Friday!