Driving Blind

Last night, I had a rather harrowing & long drive home in a snowstorm. It was no bueno. I almost slipped off the road several times & had a super difficult time seeing where I was driving. By the time I got home, I decided that in the future, I’d pull over & get a hotel room for the night – cheaper than a car wreck :)

Part of my adventure was the whole driving blind experience. There were points when the snow was so dense that it was virtually impossible to see, so obviously I made some speed adjustments & figured out some different ways to locate where I was driving (guide rails, other cars, etc), along with lots of praying. 
Sometimes, our faith walk can feel like blind driving – scary, unclear, stressful & even harrowing. The upside of our faith walk, in contrast to my driving scare last night, is that God is driving, full stop. When I ride in synch with God, I don’t always know exactly where we are going but I can trust that God isn’t malevolent but rather has good plans & outcomes for my life (Jer 29:11) & is the best driver, full stop :)

Gods Fingerprints

This morning, I read about how God created the world in 6 days, speaking & creating – super powerful & very amazing!  What always rattles me to the core is when I read about how God created man. This upends me because with everything that God created, only with man did God shape & mold man according to the image of God. With the rest of what God created, God spoke & it was done. 

God’s fingerprints are all over mankind & as I watch people with this mindset, I see beauty, creative individuality & even some glimpses of glory. Since we are made in the image of God, watch & listen for God’s fingerprints as we interact with each other, with respect, gratitude & encouragement :)

I’d love your opinion!!

So friends, I posted on Facebook this morning about gossip being bad & I think we’d all readily agree that it’s not healthy. 

Here’s what I’d like to know from your opinion:  
What are some suggestions you’d offer to help me with a person who is gossiping & I want it to stop. Ready, go!!!

Hot topic: overcoming adversity

Have you ever had a season where it seems like more is going wrong than what’s going right?  Job had this experience. In a short amount of time: he lost all of his kids, all his wealth evaporated, his health took a plunge & his wife went rogue & didn’t encourage him. Job totally went through an awful season & you can read his book in the Old Testament to hear his thoughts & emotions in the thick of all these difficulties. Going through hardships & difficulties isn’t something new in our human experience but here are some ideas that might be helpful:

*in difficulties, be honest with God (Job was super upset, disappointed & frustrated with God & didn’t hold back nor withdraw from talking with God)
*consider the people who you allow to speak into your life: do they affirm God’s work, do they hear your heart, do they strengthen your faith?  Job’s friends were kind of sketchy on these points
*keep your focus on God because a continual eye on the hardships can be very unsettling
*there are brighter days ahead – Jer 29:11 :)

Looking for Jesus

When Jesus rose from the dead, there were all kinds of speculations as to what happened to Him.  Indeed, the first person to see Him after His resurrection thought He was a common gardener.  When Jesus appeared to His disciples, initially they thought He was a scary ghost.  On the road to Emmaus, some of His followers thought He was a fellow traveler.  It seems to me that we often try to fit Jesus into our known paradigms rather than change our thinking to fit Who Jesus is.

When I think about Who Jesus is & what He did, I’m reminded that He defied the religious conventions of His day:

  • He purposely healed on the Sabbath in front of the religious leaders, creating havoc & chaos in their doctrinal dogma
  • He upended the daily temple traffic, displaying anger & hostility at the distorted expression worship had become
  • He challenged Nicodemus’ thinking about God’s kingdom and sprung on him the crazy idea about being born again
  • He condemned the religious to forgive the broken and defeated: the woman caught in adultery who was brought to Jesus by the religious leaders whom He forgave

Let’s be careful that our ideas of Jesus conform to the Gospels and not merely man’s religious dogma :)

I like people

People are interesting without a doubt.  Sit in a Starbux, visit an airpot, watch in Walmart, socialize in church, etc & its high grade entertainment value to see what people do & how they behave.  Sometimes I just like to stop what I’m doing, adjust my attention & look at what the people are doing around me – so MUCH FUN!!!!

Here are some reasons why I like people:

  • diversity:  no two people are the same in any way, no matter how much effort they make to imitate & blend
  • creative: everyone seems to see things from unique & often highly creative perspectives, causing them to behave in very creative ways & do creative things
  • beautiful:  each person has a distinct beauty (in their visage, mannerisms, interactions, clothing, makeup, etc)
  • surprises:  just when you think you have a handle on human behavior someone does something entirely unexpected, rogue & outlier-ish
  • community:  it’s always fun to watch the ways in which we interact with each other, endeavoring to honor, connect, communicate & engage

Today, let’s celebrate people, God’s highest & most valuable creation :)

Range of Motion part1

I’ve been enjoying the adventure of physical therapy in recovering from a recent Shuler surgery & part of the adventure is exploring the limits of my range of motion – not so bueno. It seems like the muscles in my shoulder haven’t appreciated the recent intrusion & so they tend to get cranky & resistant, imagine that ,)

I think there’s some similarity with God & the range of motion we allow God in our lives. Perhaps we keep these limits because of:
*previous bad experiences
*a lack of trust
*resistance to new things / experiences – letting 
*pain that come with change
*exercise that requires effort & work that can be uncomfortable 
With these ideas & maybe a few of your own thoughts, let’s consider the possibility that we may have limited God’s range of motion in our lives & agree to take off some of the boundaries :)
Watch some helpful ideas tomorrow about improving your range of motion with God :D